Climate 21

Electric powerboat racing? A chat with E1 Series CEO Rodi Basso

January 27, 2021 Tom Raftery / Rodi Basso Season 1 Episode 9
Climate 21
Electric powerboat racing? A chat with E1 Series CEO Rodi Basso
Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Climate 21 podcast we have a slight change of direction - away from the corporate world, and into the world of sport. Specifically powerboat racing. Not very sustainable, right? Well, that depends...

The new E1 Series is the first ever world electric powerboat series - yes, electric powerboats. In the same way that Formula 1 car racing brought about many advancements in modern cars, the E1 Series intends to modernise the marine world and push the envelope on technological advancements there.

To learn more about this fascinating space, I invited E1 Series founder and CEO Rodi Basso to join me on the podcast to talk about the thinking behind, and the aims of the E1 Series.

As you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I hope you enjoy listening to it too.

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